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Surgical (Extractions)

An impacted tooth is one that is prevented from growing (erupting ) into its correct or normal position. It is usually wedged against another tooth below the gum.When an impacted tooth causes pain, or adversely affects the tooth it has impacted against, it will usually need to be extracted.

  • When extracting a tooth, one should always endeavor to extract the roots in their entirety.Retained roots frequently are associated with draining tracts, which can be uncomfortable for the patient. When radiographs show ankylosis (fusion) of the root to the surrounding bone, root fragments are sometimes left behind intentionally. In these cases, the additional trauma for extracting the ankylosed roots is deemed to outweigh the risk of the root not being re-absorbed over time.
  • Tissue handling should always be gentle to promote tissue vitality. Particular care should be used when handling delicate gingivMajor Palatine Vessels.
  • When using dental elevators, one should always have respect for the forces generated.Due to the large amount of leverage, dental elevators can generate tremendous forces during normal use, and have potential to cause iatrogenic damage. Mandibular fractures can easily occur when extracting lower carnassial teeth and mandibular canines,especially if pre-existing periodontal disease has already weakened the bone.
  • Dental radiographs should always be used prior to extracting teeth.

Approximate Time Required:- 45-60 mins